Thursday, 24 July 2014


PR Girl Tania Omotayo shines in her first ever modelling campaign. She is the star of’s July Lookbook - “Print Party” which celebrates the launch of Jewel by Lisa’s JLabel online at Fashpa.

Party with TT as she shows off key pieces from Jewel by Lisa’s diffusion line JLabel, which features an amazing selection of easy to wear separates in JBL’s signature modern prints, bright colours and easy silhouettes.’s Style Team says “We are huge fans of the J Label and we are excited to have it online at  It is the perfect everyday wardrobe for today’s cool girl at an accessible price. Affordable Luxury at it’s best!”

The party inspired campaign is fun, playful, flirty, minimalist and yet so high fashion. Get caught up in the glitter and grab a hula hoop as shows you the different ways to wear your prints this season. Join the cool set.

Model: Tania Omotayo
Creative Direction, Styling & Makeup: Fashpa Team
Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

To shop the collection visit:
Customer Care: +2348093274000

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Spa Day Giveaway

So its been a very long year for me so far. Having to work from 7:30am everyday for the past 6 months has started to take its toll on me especially when the earliest lecture I ever had at Uni was at 1pm and like I always say, I am NOT a morning person. I didn't even realize how stressed I was until one day my darling mother took me out for a spa day. I got  a lemon body scrub, a steam bath and a massage (all for N6000) at the HSF Wellness Center and it felt like a slice of heaven for me and my broke NYSC pocket. So I want to treat a reader to a yummy spa day for the same lemon body scrub, steam and massage at the amazing HSF Wellness Centre in Ikoyi. They have the best selection of teas I have ever seen and they are mean juicers too!

To Enter

  • Follow me on instagram @feyi_adesanya
  • Leave a comment on this post stating why you deserve this spa day
  • The person with the best "stressed out" reason wins!
This giveaway is only limited to my Lagos readers :( and it closes on the 3rd of August. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Christmas in July

So as a contributor for the Fayrouz L'Original site I was invited to the L'Original Show. I got my invite 2 days before the show and I had NOTHING to wear. Luckily for me, I had a dress with Tope of FnR/Frockit Rockit that was going to be ready on Saturday morning. I wasn't quite sure of the dress-code for the event, it said "Be Original" and it was a very formal worthy...worthy of my wedding or christmas lol, but my mom and Tope advised me to wear it and so I did.

I went with my homies Toyin & Afam and on getting to the event you could tell that the dresscode was so confused, it ranged from jeans and sandals to ballgowns and tiaras and I felt thoroughly overdressed at first but I quickly snapped out of it because when you look good you should enjoy it for yourself and not care about what people think. I don't know about you but I would rather be overdressed than under-dressed anytime any day!

Dress: FnR
Purse: Ferragamo
Shoes: CL
Earrings: Mother's
Make-Up: BM Pro

Monday, 7 July 2014

You Owe Yourself At Least That.

These days, I'm constantly having arguments with myself about my future and my plans and a lot of the time I want to forget everything and just follow the path that society expects from me. The thing about Nigeria (and maybe the rest of the world) that I thoroughly underestimated is people's inability to dream. The ease at which people take one look at you and all your plans and tell you things like "you're wasting your time" "things like that don't work here" "that is the western mentality talking" it's nauseating.

I would be a fool to say that I am not aware of my surroundings and I am not aware of the fact that Nigeria is not a structured society and so whatever it is that you are pursuing that isn't what society regards as "normal" is probably going to be 10 times as hard just because it is being done here, but I owe it to myself to at least try. 

I owe it to the sleepless nights I've had with my head bursting at the seams with ideas. I owe it to the times when I've doubted myself and God has shown me that there was no reason to. I owe it to myself to give my dreams a fair shot. I am a firm believer of following your dreams to the point where I sound crazy but I'm starting to realise that it's okay. 

What I'm trying to say to the my fellow dreamers is this, work your ass off to make those dreams a reality, if you fail, it's okay. It's actually okay. Say it with me, it's okay to fail. What is not okay is not recovering from a failure. Resiliance! If it doesn't work out try again, pray for the strength and try again. Pray for favour and try again. If God put something in you, that burning desire to do something you owe it to yourself and to Him to at least try.

God is love, he would not haunt you with a burning desire to do something if he didn't think you could do it. You have to believe in yourself, be enough for yourself, don't wait on others to help you do anything! Don't surround yourself with people that think you're wasting your time. And if you can't help but be surrounded by those people, keep your dreams to yourself. You owe yourself the sanity and clarity of mind.

So just keep doing what you think you should be doing. Practice makes perfect. You can always learn from every situation. Take criticism graciously. Listen to what people have to say and pray for wisdom to know which advice to use and which to discard. Pray over your dreams, God gave them to you, he knows exactly what you will do with them, the least you can do is seek his face and always thank him. Always. 

This has been on my mind for a while so it all came out of me like word vomit. If you've read this to this point, I hope this helps you chase that dream a little harder and I wish us all the best. 

A very motivated Feyi :)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Chocolate Orange

Hey beautiful people! And happy 4th to my American readers!

So today I'm wearing this yummy hi-lo dress from H&M's SS14 Concious Collection that looks SO good on dark skin #ifidosaysomaself. My schedule these days is so hectic that when I finally have time to blog I have to chase the sun, but I won't give up!

Things are looking way up for your girl and I give all thanks to God! If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that my #PhotographingLagos project has been bought off the blog by the Fayrouz L'Original site, and there are many other projects in the works, I'm expecting some big changes career wise and I'm just so excited but nervous at the same time. I just pray that God will perfect it all in this month of perfection Amen!

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Michael Kors
Bangles: ASOS

Monday, 30 June 2014

One time...I modelled for diesel

A few weeks back my friend Kanyinsola Demola Seriki and I featured in The Style HQ's edit with Diesel called "Denim overload" and these are some of the shots. 

We had so much fun doing this shoot and I really liked the dress I wore, it was so comfortable yet very chic, might have to go back and get it.

Check out The Style HQ! It's an amazing site that keeps you up to date with everything from fashion to food to lifestyle to places in Africa and around the world.

Visit the Diesel store at the Centro Lekki Mall, Admirality Way, Lekki, Lagos 

My Outfit
Denim dress- Diesel
Shoes- Asos
Sunglasses- Versace

Kanyinsola's Outfit
Denim Playsuit- Diesel
Denim Wedges- Diesel
Hat- Monki

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sunday Best

So today we have my tulle skirt again, but this time I dressed it up with a good pair of heels and a vintage purse and a patterned top. It made me feel very grown and very 50s which is always good enough for church :) 

Top: Venus
Skirt: eBay
Belt: Michael Kors
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Christian Louboutin