Monday, 7 April 2014

Feeling 22

I'm an old lady now. A very old lady. I'm 22! I'm surprisingly very calm about it, I'm not worrying, I'm not scared, I'm embracing it and loving it. I was very scared of turning 20. So scared that I cried a couple of times before my 20th but 22 just seems so chilled. 22 be like "hey! I like you, you and I will be friends" 

I had a little thing at mine, I wanted to theme it but work got in the way and I couldn't plan it properly so I kinda went with a games night/ mardi gras theme. Invited some awesome people and we had fun. I took selfies because walking around with my monster camera at my party just seemed laawwwng! 

I bought my dress the day before at this ever so convenient boutique here in VGC called BeSaz (shoutout to BeSaz) I'll do an outfit post soon. It's a flapper girl dress and as soon as I bought it I wanted to be like "omg gatsby themed partaaay" but I know my friends, lol they need a months notice. 

Another big thank you to everyone who came! I love you all!

Forgive my permanent duck face . Happy days 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hello Sunshine

It's my birthday!! I want to say I'm excited but my boss has been giving me a hard time at work the past couple of weeks so I'm a bit overwhelmed *everyone boo Feyi's boss* *boooo*. 22 isn't very glamorous today, it's actually a big contrast from my 21st (of which I just realised I never did a birthday post) but I guess that's life. Moving back has been so up and down. There have been some awesome moments and some bleeeh moments and I have little control over what tomorrow will bring. I am however very grateful for the gift of life, good health, great friends and my awesome family and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

So my mom saw my modern traditions post and even though she won't admit it, I know she loved it because why else would she give me this yellow buba and say "yellow suits you' haha (HI MOM!!). Yellow is my favee colour to wear, so you can imagine my excitement when my mom gave me this adorable yellow lace buba that she didn't want anymore. I styled it with my vintage denim levi's and my cute DIY purse. 

Toyin makes me so laugh so hard when we are shooting! I'm all smiley and happy in the pictures but I'm pretty sure she was being a tyrant, directing in a french accent pretending to be Patrick Demarchelier and complaining about how hot it was. 

Buba (Top): Mother's Closet
Shorts: Levi
Shoes: ASOS
Purse: Vintage + DIY

Photography by Toyin Jolapamo of The Soho Sister Blog

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I've always imagined that wedding dress shopping for me would be easier that most because I know I want to look like a greek goddess haha. My Greek obsession started waaay back when I was in A-Levels and I went leaver's ball dress shopping with my mom. I tried on TONS of dresses but I ended up choosing this very greek-goddess looking one and ever since then I just knew. 

Do you like my top? It's actually a know...this skirt <--- Haha! I was going out and I really wanted to wear my aztec midi skirt but I couldn't find a top to wear with it, I knew I wanted a brightly coloured top but I couldn't find any that I liked, but I liked how the colour of this maxi skirt looked. So I wore it over my head, cut out the pockets for my arms then I tucked it into my skirt. I tucked it in fully because I thought the whole Lupita Cape look was a bit much for a casual friday out, But I decided to go all out with it on the blog with the head piece. 

Toyin said I looked like Oya...sango's wife...rudeeee 

Skirt (Top): Zara
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: ASOS
Head Piece: eBay
Cuffs: ASOS

Photography by Toyin Jolapamo of The Soho Sister Blog

Sunday, 23 March 2014

You know say money no be problem

This is the coolest shirt I've seen in a while! Its from Allen and Fifth and you can buy it online on Giddimint!! For those who don't know, Chale is a ghanian slang that means "my guy, or my homie". I saw this shirt on a friend on instagram so I started looking for it but I didn't find it until I shot a lookbook for Giddimint a couple of weeks ago and I got the opportunity to pick items to blog so I chose it :D

Now what is Giddimint I hear you ask? Well "its an online store that acts as a medium of expression for the creativity, originality and resourcefulness of the Nigerian/African youth through urban fashion items and accessories also known as street wear"

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don't forget to check out and BUY AFRICAN!

Shirt: Giddimint
Shorts: Zara
Belt: Mango
Shoes: ASOS
Cuffs: ASOS

Photography by Toyin Jolapamo of The Soho Sister Blog